"The man who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones." Confucius

About Omega Connections

Omega Connections was established in 2009 to explore the ICT market in the region of South-Eastern Europe and place our services and expertise at disposition to selected strategic partners. We assist and advise our partners how to get new customers, help their marketing and sales strategy and processes, facilitating the path to success. The collected experience and know-how, from projects and business opportunities, are a precious asset we place at the disposal to interested companies. Our network of local partners engaged not only in the ICT sector, is an additional important layer and a prerequisite to achieving the goals. The region we are focused on is extremely challenging and requires professional knowledge and high flexibility. There are historical, legal, cultural and economical factors which make this region and specific countries, unique, difficult, but also amazing for business.    

The first step of each project we work together with our partner to identify any potential opportunity.

Together with our partner and customers, we plan from the day one the concept of the project with all the elements needed to follow a successful path.

It is crucial for each business to focus on the goal we want to achieve. Our expertise and knowledge of the market is an important prerequisite to be always focused during the whole process of the project 

Our ultimate goal is DELIVERY. We rely on our partner, but we also make sure that all the involved players work professionaly to deliver in time what we promissed.

Company NAME: Omega Connections e.U.

Type of Enterprise: Sole Proprietorship

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Company Register Number: FN 323263m 

UIT Number: ATU 64713509

Director and Owner of the Company: Adrian Haxhiaj

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