Our services consist of: 

  • Fact-finding missions to the targeted market

  • Research of market needs and existing similar projects

  • Research about the competition environment

  • Take contacts with the potential local partners if needed

  • Take the first contact with the potential customer

  • Enable a first communication between the experts from both sides

  • Prepare and organise meetings with the customer

  • Advise and brief the partner about the actual situation

  • Elaborate the strategy for the discussions with customers

  • Assist the partner in case of presentations, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other marketing tasks

  • Assist the partner with the necessary legal steps needed for the business. 

  • Promote proactively the portfolio of the partner through all possible channels and tools.

  • Assist the partner before and during the training, if offered in the solution.

  • Prepare a lobbying strategy together with the partner professionally and legally.

  • Assist the partner during the whole process of the project beyond the closing date of the project

  • Take care together with the partner of after-sales responsibilities

All the above-mentioned services are highlights of our portfolio. For each separate project, we will discuss in details case by case.

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Director and Owner of the Company: Adrian Haxhiaj

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