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is one of the leading developers and providers of innovative products and solutions in the field of digital destination management for the whole tourism industry. more...

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airborne systems develop and offer smart solutions in the field of drone and aviation. We adopt and follow specific requirements of our customers case by case. With our expertise for many years in the sector we offer our consultancy too. more...



Expert in the field of satellite navigation (GNSS), as both a developing and manufacturer of high-tech software and applications Teleorbit together with its partner Frauenhofer project, designs and develops customized solutions and concepts for many industries and research institutions involved in the navigation industry. more...

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Securiton stands for security and trust


Place your trust in the people who have the greatest possible amount of experience and routine in their everyday field and therefore provide the maximum amount of security for you. The expertise of the Securiton employees ensures the technology is deployed correctly and therefore creates maximum reliability for the individual security solutions. 

Securiton enjoys a high level of trust from its customers. Securiton’s experience, even in the design and planning stages, is sought after and not only in fields associated with maximum levels of risk. The Securiton specialists have an understanding of all the details. They can therefore balance out technical, organisational and construction measures exactly and develop optimum solutions for the protection of people and assets.



Unifly bridges the gap between manned and unmanned aviation. Unifly’s primary mission is to enable the safe and efficient integration of drone traffic around the world. Our focus is always on safety for all stakeholders involved. Our goal is to integrate drones into the general airspace safely, so they become part of our everyday lives. This is the reason we founded Unifly. more...


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